First visit to Vinalhaven

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Vinalhaven this week as part of my “9 to 5” job. The day got off to a cold and blustery start as I boarded the ferry out of Rockland. I had my hood pulled snug around my face. My less than iron stomach made me wonder if breakfast might make an appearance. I am happy to report no encore performances from my food for the day.

The community of people I met were very warm and welcoming. The island seemed pretty quiet, aside from our large group. It was really nice! You certainly had the goings on of a community, as people came and went from places like the post office and local grocery store.

I learned that the busy time of year really comes later into the summer. I had very limited “free time” to wander and explore, yet I did take every moment I could to pause, take it all in, and capture a few images. The sky was a warm blue with gorgeous puffy clouds.

The day was informative and provided a wonderful first glimpse of Vinalhaven. I was certainly imagining the multitude of places I wanted to see on my next trip. One such place is Lane’s Island, a 45-acre preserve connected to Vinalhaven by causeway.

I cherished the trip because my typical day is in an office type setting. Something I think so many can relate to. Yet, here in Maine we have so much open space and beauty to see. Not sure what I mean? Wild for adventure is here to share a variety of my experiences and the ways I see and seek out nature everyday.

Vinalhaven 2016 May 16cVinalhaven 2016 May 16aVinalhaven 2016 May 16b

Jlynn Frazier

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Hi, I’m Jlynn Frazier and I am wild for adventure! I work a “9 to 5” like many people do and I am passionate about spending as much time outside in nature as possible. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you through stories and photographs and I hope to spark your curiosities to explore and protect all of our natural resources.