Passing a Cairn in Acadia

One of my favorite things to do is hike along the trail with very little expectation of what the day will be like. I find such joy in just soaking it all in and being open to experience the moment. It may seem a little silly, but it’s true. On this recent spring day the sun was shinning bright with a mild cool breeze. James my golden retriever and I took our time climbing Parkman Mountain and Sargent Mountain in Acadia National Park.

Since returning home to Maine in 2013 and find myself continuing to return to this trail at least once a year. I take a lot of images of the trail and have many, many of my travels on and around Parkman Mountain.  Some days its the paths I wander along, the cairns I pass, the bridges I cross, and the various natural markers along the trail. As the day progressed the late afternoon sun brought a few wispy clouds. I took the first image of James and packed up my camera to prepare for a quick descent from Parkman Mountain to the car. After carrying my camera for the afternoon it felt good to pack up and swing my pack up on my back once more.
But then I turned to look back at the trail and a new scene emerged as the cairn we had just passed was now a dark silhouette against a vibrant blue sky. I paused and thought this was a photograph I wanted to create. Without taking a moment to think twice I was swinging my hiking bag off my shoulder and grabbing for my camera.
Jlynn Frazier

About Jlynn Frazier

Hi, I’m Jlynn Frazier and I am wild for adventure! I work a “9 to 5” like many people do and I am passionate about spending as much time outside in nature as possible. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you through stories and photographs and I hope to spark your curiosities to explore and protect all of our natural resources.