Spring Sighting of Mt. Katahdin

I have been trying to behave myself and take care of a recent foot injury. This meant that I would need to be a little creative in thinking about my adventuring activities. As the long Memorial Day Weekend approached I knew I wanted to hit the road and explore, even if I had to take it easy.

After chatting about a few possibilities, we decided on a long day trip to the Katahdin Region to visit and explore a different part of the park. I have only travelled to the area to hike Mt. Katahdin. I thought if I cannot hike Katahdin or any of the surrounding area peaks the next best thing was to visit and do a little exploring. There is something about just getting out there that I find refreshing.

We were fortunate to have a warm spring day and clear blue skies. As we were driving along the Golden Road Mt. Katahdin appeared in the distance. We pulled off and parked along the road and I jumped out with my camera. I slowly made my way down over the bank for a closer look. The marsh did not look very wet but I soon find myself wet and muddy as I waded through sections of tall grass to capture images of Katahdin.

Adventure is all around us. Even the little pit stops along the road are full of possibility to play and explore if you set your mind to it.



Jlynn Frazier

About Jlynn Frazier

Hi, I’m Jlynn Frazier and I am wild for adventure! I work a “9 to 5” like many people do and I am passionate about spending as much time outside in nature as possible. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you through stories and photographs and I hope to spark your curiosities to explore and protect all of our natural resources.