Exploring Backyard Trails on National Trails Day

How did you celebrate National Trails Day?

This past Saturday (June 4) was National Trails Day! We happily spent a couple of hours slowly wandering and exploring our new backyard to celebrate.

We began following a small trail we started building over the last two weeks and found that it is really starting to take form with the help of frequent woods walks with the dogs. In addition to our foot power, we have also used our hands to move larger branches to the sides of the path and a small pair loppers to trim overhanging branches. The trail is made of switchbacks that leads from our home up to our rustic cabin in the woods.


We explored the backyard by hiking our way through tall grass and ferns.

Up to this point we had not been able to explore much past our small trail. So to celebrate National Trails Day we set out into the woods and bog of our backyard.

A good part of our property was not used previously by humans, but it was certainly used by a lot of deer! How do we know? We found (and followed) narrow deer trails and dodged the poo they left behind as we zig-zagged along. We have a running joke when we hike that we are following “Jlynn trails” because I have been known to veer off and follow deer trails while hiking or running. Sometimes I plan it that way and I will admit sometimes it just happens.

On this particular backyard adventure following deer trails and bushwhacking through the woods was all part of the plan. We saw young maple trees growing in the forest areas along with a variety of different ferns and grasses. We even found a section of bog. Follow along on instagram for more pictures and a regular dose of adventure!

ADVENTURE TIP: Take off right from your own front step and explore! Perhaps you wander down a street you have never been down or walk in a nearby park. And don’t forget that so much is out there to see right in your own backyard!


Sprout demonstrating what doggie bushwhacking looks like!



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