A weekend photo challenge to share your world with a single photo

Yesterday was World Photo Day! The international event was first celebrated in 2010 and it has a great goal: to encourage everyone to choose a photo to share their world with the world.

Capturing first light at Quoddy Head State Park, Lubec, Maine

Capturing first light at Quoddy Head State Park, Lubec, Maine

Photography is a powerful language that enables us to cross boundaries and connect with people and places that matter.

I remember when my niece was born this spring. I was boarding a plane headed to New York City for work and was not able to be there with family. Through the power of a photograph (and the internet) my mom was able to share the joy of her arrival.

We all have these moments: the first day of school, summer vacation, graduation, seeing a sunrise, birthdays, hiking a mountain, and of course the little at home moments that make you laugh (or want to pull your hair out). When something matters to you and leads you to capture the moment with a photograph.

Inspired by the goal of World Photo Day I propose a weekend photo challenge: go create an image that captures the beauty of your weekend then share it with someone that matters to you! If you share on Instagram tag me to share your moment. I would love to see it and connect with you!

Jlynn Frazier

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Hi, I’m Jlynn Frazier and I am wild for adventure! I work a “9 to 5” like many people do and I am passionate about spending as much time outside in nature as possible. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you through stories and photographs and I hope to spark your curiosities to explore and protect all of our natural resources.