It’s almost run time! 30 days until the MDI Marathon and Half Marathon

The Mount Desert Island Marathon, Half Marathon, and Relay is just 30 days away! Yes, I could say one month but as a runner that is not the way I think. Why? Because training is daily and you just have to take it one run and one day at a time.


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I first ran this race in 2013 as my first marathon (and so far only marathon). After taking three months off this year due to a nagging ailment, I am excited to be headed back to run the MDI half marathon. Each day is about getting a little stronger and working through the ebbs and flows of training.

Running is one of the most amazing, challenging, and rewarding things I have ever done. I recently shared this thought on Instagram.

The tapping beat of my feet on the road in tandem with the rhythm of my breath. Some days it feels effortless. As if I am one step away from floating. Today was not that day. But I was out there and I ran my run.

I cannot wait to join the running tribe coming from throughout the United States and the world to run this hilly and oh so scenic race here in Maine. Want to join the run but cannot travel to Mount Desert? They have added a virtual race too, so check it out.

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