Runner Update: Two weeks until the MDI half marathon

The Mount Desert Island Marathon and Half Marathon is just two weeks away and I am now in final preparations to run 13.1 miles on October 16. Want to join the fun? Today (Oct. 3) is the deadline to register for the virtual run!

If you are thinking, “oh I would love to do that but I cannot be there” or “I can’t run that distance” well, this year you totally can. But today (Oct. 3) is the last day to register! For the first time, they are offering a virtual run for both the marathon and the half marathon and 5% (or more) of the proceeds will go to benefit Acadia National Park!


Staying hydrated is key! Nothing says fall like catching a leaf on a long run.

Whether you walk, run, hop, jog, skip, shuffle or dance you have 10 days to complete the virtual run. So it is really do-able for individuals or families to get together and participate. Acadia on my Mind (co-sponsoring the virtual race) shared some insight about why people from all over the globe are running the virtual race and why you should too.

How is my training going? What will I be up to for the next two weeks leading up to the race, also known as the “hilly half”? Here’s the scoop:

The Plan. I have been following an eight-week training plan. And by follow, I mean I have used it as a guide for planning out my run days, cross train days, and rest days. I did follow it exactly for the first two weeks, but then I it was time to modify it to account for the types of runs I was doing on the road and on the trail. I will keep pretty consistent with a final long run this weekend.


Trail running at Bradbury Mountain State Park.

Cross Training. Before beginning my training, I had spent a lot of time off my feet with a nagging injury. A big part of running is about being on your feet, so cross training has been really key for me. I will continue with long walks in the woods and hiking one to two times a week to get in lower impact training that continues to build my legs for running hills.

Hydration. The temperatures are cooler, especially in the morning and I find myself drinking less and getting dehydrated. Staying hydrated is really important for runners and non-runners alike. I know that I have way more energy when I get the water my body craves. So morning tea and a glass of water are part of my morning routine to get off on the right foot. And I pretty much always have a water bottle in my hand, in my car, in my bag, and beside my bed these days.

Plant power! I am a vegetarian and so fruits and veggies are not hard to “sneak” into my diet. I am a big fan of Vega’s vanilla flavor protein and greens in a smoothie. It’s low in sugar, vegan, gluten free, and pairs great with fruit and almond milk.  I will be getting one of these yummy smoothies in every day for the next two weeks!

R&R. I run and play hard, but I will also be highly prioritizing consistent rest. Which also means getting to bed at a normal time and avoiding extreme changes to my sleep schedule (I am usually awake at 6 a.m. and sleeping at 10 p.m.). It is really all about paying attention to how I feel and making sure I slow down and chill. Especially, since we are now into fall colds and sniffles. I’ll take the sniffles but stay away colds!

I can’t wait to join everyone on MDI and don’t forget today’s the day to join in (no matter where you are) with the virtual race!

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