Experience the great Maine outdoors: January photos

New year = new series! The last Sunday of each month, starting today, you can expect to see a selection of photographs I have created throughout the month. I am excited to continue sharing my adventures and photographs with you through this series and would love to hear about your “great Maine outdoors” adventures too.


Hello 2017 from Table Rock, Grafton Notch State Park. Read more here. 


Our typical gear includes warm boots, snow pants, gators to keep the snow out, a backpack, and hiking poles.


You cannot see it here but you would typically see a mountain range when you look out from here. We did get a quick glimpse before the visibility and conditions changed. Still beautiful whether we can see for miles or 10 feet.


The snow on top hid the ice covered rocks below so it was a great chance to try out our new ice ax.


Snowy roads in Western Maine.


Trail running along snowmobile routes near my home in Washington, Maine.


Ski and hike adventure on the Appalachian Trail to Little Wilson Falls, one of the scenic spots along Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness.


Snow and ice covered rocks and trail along the Appalachian Trail.


A bit of a January thaw made conditions challenging to maintain our footing and be sure we stayed back from unstable banks and open water. Slow and steady is key on days like this and you have to constantly be aware of the conditions and potential hazards.


Lower Little Wilson Falls, Appalachian Trail.


I am learning to Backcountry ski. It is opening up a whole new world of adventure in Maine. I love to snowshoe, however when trying to get access to places like this it is much faster to cover the miles by gliding across the trail on skis.


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